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Wendeline is an established real estate agent with recognition from top agencies and news publications in Singapore.



Wendeline Goh shows a series of charts that she has created her- self for her clients, to help them understand how property prices have evolved in specific locations over time. She highlights a chart showing how resale prices around Districts 5 and 21 have risen in recent years, well above the national average.

“The key to maintaining and earning good value with resale properties is to look out for undervalued properties at the right locations,” she explains.
“By right location, I’m referring both to a property having a unique quality among other comparative estates, or in a neighbourhood that’s experiencing regeneration or new developments. It’s not just about the inherent value of the property itself, but also its surroundings,” she adds.

Sunday Times​


Like many Singaporeans, real estate singapore industry executive has a love affair with property. But unlike most of us, she bought her first private apartment at the tender age of 26. Ms Goh, 42, a district division director at ERA, believes property is an asset that can appreciate over time and is a good hedge for inflation.

“Take property as a form of savings, as the instalments you pay each month will eventually come back to you,” she notes.

“Buy your first property when you’re young rather than renting, and you would have an asset to convert to cash when you retire. To me, property investment is the safest investment instrument among all the others.”

Ms Goh graduated with an honours degree in civil engineering from Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh, Scotland, in 1997 and joined ERA Realty Network in 2015.

The Straits Times


As ERA Realty Network (ERA) ends the year with a strengthened market position in the real estate sector, it is set to become the ultimate home to the real estate sales persons in Singapore and beyond. Numerous milestones were highlighted during its recent Q4’18 Career Advancement Day Conference.

ERA is the only listed real estate agency in Singapore that organises fully subsidised quarterly conferences and top achievers’ congratulatory press advertisements for its salespersons.

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