Featured Testimonials

Featured Testimonials

Our experience with Wendeline started from selling our new condo and ventured into a happy beginning with our new home and friendship. We are impressed by her positive attitude and are really satisfied and appreciate to have Wendeline as our agent. She has extensive knowledge on the property market and we shared similar ideas when we evaluate the value and potentials over the choices on hand. She didn't give up when it was difficult to look for buyers before the TOP of our 1st condo. She continued to advertise and actively seeking buyer for us and finally delivered the good news to us. The deal was sealed off seamlessly. Wendeline has also patiently handled our queries and always follow-up promptly to ensure all concern were addressed in a professional manner. During the period when there was restrictive protocol on the number of visitors, she went on extra miles to meet and match our viewing requests. Thanks to her commitment, knowledge and capability, we manage to find our new home in a short span of 2 months time! Our relationship didn't end with the completion of property transactions because Wendeline continue to render her friendship. She sent us greeting during festives and congratulated us on the milestones achieved. Needless to say, she is already on top of our guestlist to be invited for our housewarming party. I personally feel that an agent who cares about maintaining positive healthy relationship with the client, will earn my trust and satisfaction. The after-sales service will definitely acts as a decisive factor for future opportunities. Thank you and keep it up, Wendeline.

- Vanessa

There are so many property agents here but Wendeline certainly has the X Factor - Wendeline SHINES! Besides being very experienced, knowledgeable & professional she provides valuable insights of the local condition/potential growth etc. Wendeline is extremely patient, friendly ( always smiling & can feel her genuine warmth & care). Most importantly she always has my best interest at heart. She is my GO - TO trusted property consultant.

- Cecilia

I am so grateful to have worked with Wendeline during my recent tenant search. She is truly the best in the business! Not only did Wendeline find me a good tenant that exceeded all of my expectations, but she made the entire process so easy and enjoyable. Wendeline is professional, reliable, and always goes the extra mile for her clients. I can't recommend Wendeline enough to anyone looking for a top-notch housing agent.

- R Divaharan

We are impressed by her positive attitude and really appreciate to have Wendeline as our agent. She has extensive knowledge on the property market and we shared similar ideas when we evaluate the value and potentials over the choices on hand. She didn't give up when it was difficult to look for buyers before the TOP of our 1st condo. She continued to advertise and actively seeking buyer and finally sealed off the deal for us. She patiently handled our queries and always follow-up promptly to ensure all concerns were addressed in a professional manner. During the period when there was restrictive protocol due to Covid, she went on extra miles to meet and match our viewing requests. Thanks to her commitment & versatility, we manage to find our new home in just 2 months time! Wendeline is someone who cares about maintaining positive healthy relationship with client, her after-sales follow-up defintely earned our trust, our satisfaction and future opportunities. Thank you, Wendeline

- Terry Loh

Wendeline is an excellent and dependent-able agent who placed our needs first; unlike some agents who are only keen to earn more commission. Her good and honest appraising of the market trends, saved us from making bad decisions. We managed to rent out our unit in a very short time, thanks to her good networking, amazing understanding of what the customers need and committed hardwork. She was instrumental in the smooth transaction and hand over of the unit, saving us alot of time and anxiety. Very professional and dedicated agent. Glad to have found her.

- Peter Koo

Wendeline is a friendly, honest and professional agent. She was able to bring us a buyer in a short duration. Whenever she schedules a viewing, she is always punctual and the viewings are conducted professionally. After we received the offer, she sat us down and walked through the timelines with us. She also shared market trends and intel with us and well thought analysis and advices. If you like to sell your home in a quick, efficient and professional matter, don’t hesitate to contact Wendeline as she will be able to deliver the results in a timely fashion. She is definitely an expert in the field and someone to connect with !

- Tracy

Wendeline is a joy to work with, fast response, efficient communication, we saved a lot of time as compared to previous agent whom we dealt with, She is able to achieve win-win situation for both parties (tenant & landlord) which is always fair and a longer term solution. I would strongly recommend Wendeline as she sincerely shared a lot of market knowledge & infos, and of cos her bubbly personality with a nice smile always makes my day ! Thank you Wen, all the best to you in 2022!!!

- Meggy Lim

Wendeline went beyond her call of duty answering to my every query and helped out even when it is not within her area of work. She ensured that my transaction went smoothly every step of the way, calling every few days to follow up especially when it came to important deadlines. She also offered information on the latest trends, prices, and any relevant information to ensure that we sold and bought the right place that met our needs. Overall, her service was great and I would strongly recommend her services to my friends or family if they need any help with the buying and selling of their property.

- Jade Lim

Wendeline is a very attentive Salesperson. She is very professional in doing her estate agency work. Very honest and do all the necessary due diligence checks on my potential tenants for my two rented out properties. She also provided very good advice and recommendations when I was searching for new properties to invest in. She does her research and provides data on the properties I was considering and explains the pro & cons of the investment in future potential in price appreciation & rental income by comparing it with the surrounding properties current price & rent as well as the upcoming new developments in the vicinity. She is very responsive to my request for advice whenever my tenants raised issues/problem they encountered. She will attend to my request for assistance to my tenants in a very swift manner that keeps my tenants very happy.

- Clinton Tan

Wendeline is very knowledgeable and diligent in helping us to secure the property with details explanation from financial perspective to value of the property, practical aspect of the property. She continue to provide status updates post the signing of S&P to ensure we are informed of the development. Great advisor and thank you for your diligent in helping us.

- Shawn

Wendeline’s professionalism, diligence and attentions to details set the benchmark for the industry best. Her unparalleled knowledges to the different aspects of the business is what that set her apart from the everyone else. Never accept status quo and always pushing the boundaries for the possible best, we are so glad to have Wendeline with us all the way. She makes the whole experience so effortless, despite the many challenges to secure the best deal for us. Working with Wendeline was a great experience and it has been the best decision we have ever made! She went out of her way and beyond to get us the best possible deals. We would work with her again!

- Stella Tan

Wendeline is a very confident, responsible and responsive agent. Her credentials and all her successful deals and happy customers gave her the edge over other agent. She is very proactive and make solutions whenever there is an unforeseen circumstances. We were very impressed of a particular situation where there was an arrangement for a 360 degree photography session to be done by her appointed party but it needed to be push back due to party having COVID exposure. She quickly whipped up her phone and made very impressive photos and uploaded it. It was so well done that I could not remember my house could look so well and eye catching. Very professional ! She protects seller interest as an exclusive agent. Appoint her if you want to fetch good price and fast sale! We are a satisfied customer and throughout the selling period, we do not encounter any negative experience. She is always prompt and always accommodating to our needs as a seller. She works very hard !

- Paul Chua

I had great experience with WENDELINE for the past 5 years. She helped me to rent out my house in a short time and with a good price. She was very professional, responsive and attentive to my needs and preferences. She handled all the paperwork and negotiations smoothly and efficiently. I would highly recommend her service to anyone looking for a reliable and trustworthy property agent.

- Yunlong

Wendeline is patient and passionate about her work. She is very hardworking and will relentlessly give me advice and provide statistics on the property I am keen to buy to assure the property is definitely a good buy to buy. Will definitely recommend my friends to her for any future sales as she always maintain high commitment and gave useful advice to the property.

- Loo Corinne

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Many thanks to Wendoline for getting our property sold in such a short time (2 weeks after listing) and at a high price. Entire end to end process was quick, simple and fuss free. Looking forward to next property transaction with her.

Lee Thiam Guan

Super fast and got us record selling price 😉


Efficient, friendly, excellent attitude. Other agent from different agency took more than a year and couldn’t find a buyer for me. Wendeline found me a buyer within 3 months and sold the unit above market price.

Vicki Wong

Wendoline is an excellent agent who has been helping me with my housing decisions over the last 8 years. She helped me sell off my HDB much faster than I expected at my asking price too. Looking forward to many years of real estate advice from her.

Lee Thiam Guan

Wendeline was a very helpful agent and was able to meet our requests for this transaction. Despite the roadblocks faced throughout the past few months, she was always friendly and eager to help. Will engage her again when the next opportunity arises.

Jane Ho

Wendeline is a trustworthy, dependable agent. She helped me to get a tenant within a day. Even after the transaction was closed, she continue to follow-up & I could reach out to her anytime if there is any issue. She is always helpful & response. I will not hesitate to recommend her to my contacts.

Rita OW

She Help Me The Matter that which I Don't know

Connie Soh

Wendeline is meticulous and professional. She handles our tenancy with care and gives professional advices. I can definitely trust Wendeline in handling the paperwork of our tenancy.

Kam Suan Joing

Wendeline provides great service, is very experienced and highly knowledgeable! She does thorough research for her clients and gives very sound advice when it comes to property matters. Extremely patient, personable and helpful. She also responds quickly to questions and values the relationships she has with her customers. Highly recommended!

Angeline Ho

Wendeline doesn’t only have in depth understanding in the location of the properties but also the price trend and potential value growth of the area. In addition , she provides heart warming services and offers transparent and hassle free transaction process for sellers and buyers ! Defiantly Trusted hands for your value investment or dream house searching ! I will definitely recommend.

Zhao Jie

Wendeline was extremely helpful in understanding my requirements as well as plan a timeline for my property requirements. The timeline was challenging and uncertain at the same time but despite the year end and holidays, she was very helpful to address our needs. I am thankful and grateful and look forward to completing one transaction and moving to the next steps.


Wendaline was refer by a friend. She is professional and display positive sentiments of our unit that she will be marketing. Also she will update us on the feedbacks of each viewing. We are happy working with her and will definitely engage her for our next sale or purchase.

Robin Tan

A very helpful and knowledgeable agent, will definitely recommend to my friends.

Soon Loo Siong

Wendeline has been helping us with our apartment rental for many years. She is always helping us to secure the best deals. Importantly, she continues to help us throughout the lease. We would not know how to manage our apartment rental all these years without Wendeline’s help. She is friendly, proactive, and reliable. Definitely a trustworthy agent whom I will recommend to friends and family.

S Chew

Wendeline has been helping me to rent out my unit for 6 years. She listens to my requirements and gives her professional opinions when I needed them most. After these couple of years, I know she always have my best interests at heart. The journey on renting out my unit ould not have been so smooth without Wendaline's professionalism and effective communications.

Goh K M

Excellent service from Wendeline, very professional & someone I can trust upon


Timely coordination with the tenant and highly appreciated.


Wendeline has provided excellent service after we engaged her. She was very responsive, committed, and effectively addressed our needs. Our unit was rented out within a relatively short time at a very good price. Wendeline's service is highly recommended! 👍

Gan Pin

Glad to know Wendeline and able to tap on her expertise in property dealings. She gives good advices and very prompt in her replies. Responsive, professional and honest are why we will continue to engage her. She is there when you need her.


highly reliable and responsible agent who provides latest market trend updates.

Goh Aik Peng

Responsible agent.

Jess Wong

Very knowledgeable and sincere. No hard sell, really want to help and work within our means

Edith Khoo

Wendeline is prompt in her service. She takes note of the requests and will try her best to satisfy the conditions stated by the Landlord. She has a wide range of contacts and dedicates her service to ensuring the Landlord is comfortable with the rental rate.


Wendeline is very committed and responsive. I appreciate that communications are always clear and how she always strive to ensure that matters are managed timely. I know I can depend on her for advice on property related matters given her professionalism and industry knowledge.

Ying Yi

Agent was professional throughout the process, helpful and transparent. Very positive experience

Cai Xi

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